You won’t believe this DIY couch makeover!

Unbelievable DIY couch makeover that anyone can do! How I turned our tired old cloth sofa into a luxurious vegan leather masterpiece and how you can too! #sundayfunday Sick and tired of your dirty cloth sofa? Want something new but afraid to spend the money while kids are still little and messy? Dreaming of the Read More

Going Home for the Holiday’s – A Survival Guide

I like the idea of going home for the holidays but often have mixed emotions when I get there.  Our long Thanksgiving weekend in #Bethesda gives me the opportunity enjoy my hometown through the eyes of a tourist, discovering new places while still relishing the few old ones still in existence.  This extended #sundayfunday,  inspires me to begin working on  a Read More

How You Can Help Save The World- It’s A Lot Easier Than You May Think!

There are plenty of days when I feel like an #epicfailure as a mother, today however, was not one of those days #winning. Sunday morning doesn’t get better than fun family bonding, for a good cause, for FREE.  Family Social Action Day, a day to give back to the community and spend quality time with family while Read More

Trick or Treat?

Sometimes I feel like if someone says “Mommmm….” one more time I’m going to explode. I try remain calm, I really do. I go to yoga when I can, I take my Prozac…most days, I try to sip my evening glass of wine, rather then chug. But somedays… sometimes…. , I feel like pulling my Read More

How to: DIY Spa

  One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is, what I like to call, my DIY Spa. The treatments vary depending on the season, hence today’s is fine tuned for fall. After a lovely morning of yoga I come home to my DIY spa. First is the hair, to keep my highlights looking their Read More

Finding my Sunday Funday

Sundays have historically been a sacred day in America. Taking the time to turn inward, rest and reflect, allows us to rebuild, regenerate and muster the strength to begin anew when Monday blasts its fateful alarm. Whether it is church bells calling you to prayer, or game time whistles calling you to play, as Americans Read More