Baltimore’s Best in the House

The results are in and our very own, in-house Chief Medical Corrispondant, Dr. Steven J. Rottman, has been recognized this year as one of Baltimore Magazine’s Top Doc’s in not 1, but 3 surgical categories. Recipiants of these annual awards are selected through a peer nomination process, where doctors only are invited to vote for other Read More

Still Saving For A Rainy Day??

Tax refunds, according to, this year, are mostly likely to go towards debt repayment, savings or wait for it… plastic  surgery. Figuring out how best to use your windfall this tax season can be daunting, especially for the bourgoning millenial generation. The world is seemingly theirs for the taking, should they be so inclined. Read More

More Dangerous than the Weather

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”- Vivian Green Schools across Maryland were closed today because of supposed icy conditions. Fine, I don’t want to see anyone hurt, but the the sun is shinning now at 1 pm and my children are bored to tears. Read More

Kiss Your Shitty Valentine’s Days Goodbye Forever

Did your Valentine’s Day Suck? Here’s How to be Sure Next Year’s Doesn’t. A sucky Valentine’s Day is always a downer. If your’s left you feeling more alone and hopeless than ever it’s time to make a change for the better and ensure all your future Valentine’s Days will be filled with love, even if Read More

What is Love? The Ultimate Litmus Test

“What is Love?” The most Googled question in 2012 and still among Google’s most popular search queries to this day…yet we still have no definitive answer. Such an abstract emotion and intangible a concept that the verb to love can be used to express one’s intense affection for things of varying significance, importance and longevity. Read More

Snow Days Ahead: Tips and Tricks for Survival

While a good snow day is certainly fun once in a while, the reality is you CAN have too much of a good thing. After spending all day yesterday shoveling your car out, the question then becomes where are you going to go anyway? The side streets are hardly passable and is anything even open? If your Read More

Have the Best Snowday Ever by Having These 12 Essential Things on Hand

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of snowdays. Snowdays are symbolic of freedom as they exist as an escape from our structured, over scheduled lives.  The happy memories I have of canceled school, sledding and hot cocoa with friends remain crystal clear in my minds eye to this day. The thrill of the snowday Read More

 7 Things Better than Winning the Lottery 

Cheer up here are 7 things better than winning  the lottery 1. Obama will be out of office in less than a year 2. You haven’t slept with Charlie Sheen 3. You’ve still got the Fifth Amendment 4. The child support enforcement agency 5. The words “Ebola free” 6. Football season is almost over 7. Read More

Captive on a Carrousel of Time-

So- long 2015…  In a few short days you will be one for the history books, gone, but surely not forgotten, Four Weddings  and a Funeral had nothing on you. 2015, we toasted many happy occasions with you and mourned a seemingly disproportionate number of sad. You helped us learn a lot about life and what Read More

You won’t believe this DIY couch makeover!

Unbelievable DIY couch makeover that anyone can do! How I turned our tired old cloth sofa into a luxurious vegan leather masterpiece and how you can too! #sundayfunday Sick and tired of your dirty cloth sofa? Want something new but afraid to spend the money while kids are still little and messy? Dreaming of the Read More

How to Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

I awake at dawn in a quiet house, on a quiet street, to the unfamiliar sound of silence. Laying perfectly still, I open my eyes and realize I’m in my own bedroom. I wait for it, for the sound that must have awoken me, but there is only silence. No pitter patter of little feet, no Read More

Trick or Treat?

Sometimes I feel like if someone says “Mommmm….” one more time I’m going to explode. I try remain calm, I really do. I go to yoga when I can, I take my Prozac…most days, I try to sip my evening glass of wine, rather then chug. But somedays… sometimes…. , I feel like pulling my Read More

Finding my Sunday Funday

Sundays have historically been a sacred day in America. Taking the time to turn inward, rest and reflect, allows us to rebuild, regenerate and muster the strength to begin anew when Monday blasts its fateful alarm. Whether it is church bells calling you to prayer, or game time whistles calling you to play, as Americans Read More