Meet Emily

Emily Linger

Emily Linger is the founder and Creative Director of Mink and Rich. Emily was born and raised in Bethesda, Md and now resides in suburban Baltimore with her husband and children.

Emily has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and is currently working to complete her Master’s Degree in Higher Education. She has studied the history of fashion extensively and written a thesis on the evolution of women’s fashion and the influences of reoccurring trends.

Emily has a degree in interior design as well and is licensed real estate agent in the state of Maryland.

She has worked in the fashion and beauty industry since 1999, working in both upscale retail management, merchandising and visual display at Sylene’s of Washington D.C. , Bloomingdales and Fashion Forms. Additionally Emily works in a plastic surgery office as an assistant, getting a front row seat to the lastest and greatest beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures.

A self identified  maximalist, Emily strives to find balance and moderation in our modern world of excess and extremism. In her ongoing quest for perfection, she tries to remember to stop and smell the roses along the way.  Attempting to be mindful and  present in the moment remembering that the journey is long, and in the end the race is only with ourselves.