About Us

Mink and Rich; correspondence, consulting, curation.

Born out of the desire to provide authentic lifestyle content, that both informs and entertains in a positive and inspirational way, Emily Linger, debuted her first correspondence piece on October 4, 2015. Since day one, Mink and Rich has been widely received and continues to exist today as the solid foundation upon which we intend to grow.

The Mink and Rich brand has quickly grown. Blog posts have expanded to include reviews on fitness, beauty and fashion, showcasing what we believe to be the best mind-body brands and businesses around.  Firm believers in the nature of Karma, we proudly only run positive reviews, though it should not be assumed that we like all places we visit. We believe that “If you don’t have anything nice to say, that you shouldn’t say anything at all.” In our modern world of violence and competition it is our mission to spread only love and kindness, helping not hurting humanity with our voice.Our blog has grown from a small, local beauty review to a national lifestyle magazine offering reviews, reports and opinion pieces trending in today’s world.

Mink and Rich has expanded in recent years into the luxury resale business and now proudly offers a wide selection of new and gently used luxury apparel and accessories. Curated by Creative Director, Emily Linger, our collection meets only the highest of style and condition standards. The Curated Luxury Boutique offically opened its e-doors in May of 2016.

Consulting has Mink and Rich has many plans on the horizon so stay tuned for exciting new beginnings in 2018.