The privileged and the damned

The Privileged and The Damned; Cameron Douglas’ Hollywood Story

Cameron Douglas, the troubled son of Oscar winning mega star, Michael Douglas was released from prison today after serving 7 years for multiple drug offenses, including the possession of and distribution of methamphetamine.

The privileged and the damned

Not sure why my google alerts were slow to respond to this breaking news, however, my personal Google alert system never slips ups and my sister, clued me in to the latest developments the moment she read this mornings Daily Mail.

The privileged and the damned


The ignorant, unjust and flat out mean comments that appeared following this unbiased, evidence based report infuriated me. Never being one to bite my tongue, I couldn’t help but respond to this unsolicited hatred.

Below is an except from my response to the comment feed bellow the Daily Mail article. I haven’t reposted any of the comments, just my response.

You haters should be ashamed of yourselves! Addiction, just like cancer, does not differentiate based on class, wealth or privilege. Hating on a broken man whose life was turned upside because of the disease of addiction is disgusting. Sure he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, maybe even one in each hand, but that only goes to further prove my point. No amount of money can save an addict from him/herself sometimes.  Wealth and privilege can be great things, for sure. They however, can also be extremely damning. Young lives filled with seemingly endless possibilities and financial support are often lacking the maturity and the strength to withstand the excess and extremism available to them. Should privilege and wealth circumvent the law? Certainly not. It should not however exist as a reason to throw the proverbial book at someone.  When someone’s poor decisions land them in trouble with the law, equal treatment should be common place. Cameron Douglas served more time in prison and certainly in solitary confinement than many violent criminal offenders. The Judges desire to make an example out of him because of his privileged, perhaps pompous nature, to which he knew no better, ending up costing him much much more than he deserved. 

Originally sentenced to a year on house arrest Cameron was later found to be in contempt of court when drugs smuggled to him in his mothers home by his then girlfriend were found in his possession. He repeatedly disobeyed the law by having the same girl bring him drugs literally into the court room at sentencing. Then, after being sentenced to 2 years he was caught with drugs again in prison, Xanax this time smuggled in to him by… his lawyer.

Cameron Douglas
None of the above information help my case for leniency on Cameron’s behalf, I realize this. He really really screwed up and kept screwing up until his legs were eventually broken in jail by drug cartel prisoners acting on direct orders from the outside. Then it was solitary confinement for 2 YEARS in order to “protect” him from the general prison pop. It’s a crazy story. Read his lawyers book The Criminal That I Am, by Jennifer Ridha.

But, craziness aside. Give the guy a break haters! Hate, violence and unrest threaten our daily existence today more so than ever in recent history. Gun violence erupts almost daily across our nation, racial feuds are common place in our cities and police have become targets. Politicians incite violence with their retoric, their criminal activity and their lies.

There are many things to be rightfully upset about in today’s unsettled world. Terrorism, racial injustice, and gun violence to name a few. I try not to hate anyone or anything because of the havoc it wreaks on my own soul. But please, don’t be the ignorant asshole who hates on privilege.

Don’t hate on an addict just because he comes from money. We can not escape our lineage anymore so than we can escape our destiny. Don’t make ignorant comments about “white privilege” because Cameron certainly wasn’t afforded any of that. Stop it with the  “Daddy will fix it,” because he couldn’t then and he can’t now. However, like any good father, black or white, rich or poor, privileged or not, Michael Douglas, sure as hell tried.

??Pray for Cameron, don’t hate on him. He has a very tough road ahead, maybe not as tough as someone less privileged, but hasn’t he suffered enough? If he was your brother or your son or your friend, you would be pulling for him like I am. Find compassion for Cameron and for all the Camerons in he world
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