Mommy Makeover Candidate?

Dear Dr. Rottman,
Ever since having kids I haven’t felt comfortable in my own skin. I workout as much as possible and eat pretty well, yet I still can’t seem to get back my post baby body. I have heard playground whispers about women having Mommy Makeover procedures and am curious as to what this entails.
Sincerely yours,

Maybe a Mommy Makeover Mom
Dear Maybe a Mommy Makeover Mom,
Most women struggle with body image issues post-pregnancy and the truth is that the miracle that is childbirth, wreaks havoc on a woman’s body. Throw in breast feeding and multiple pregnancies or multiple births and you would be hard pressed to find any mom looking and feeling at her physical best.
By the time most woman are done having children and breast feeding they often struggle to return to their post baby body. Frustration is common place even among the seemingly fit moms who, no matter how hard they workout, no matter how healthy they try and eat, they too, still cannot seem to achieve the results they they so desire. The hard truth is that after childbirth, diet and exercise alone are often just not enough.
That’s were the term Mommy Makeover comes into play. Because every woman’s body is different, a true Mommy Makeover has no specific definition. Usually it involves surgical repair of either the breast and or abdominal area. Tailored to the specific concerns of each individual and in accordance with the recommendations of her plastic surgeon a Mommy Makeover procedure varies on a case by case basis.
For some women a minor crescent breast lift maybe be all that is necessary to address her concerns, while other may require one of the many other Brest augmentation alternatives. Most women could benefit from some type of surgical repair to the abdominal region and whether or not you are best suited for one of the variations of a Tummy Tuck procedure or for liposuction will be determined during your consultation.
Often times minor procedures can produce dramatic changes to a women physical appearance and self-confidence. During your complimentary consultation we will discuss options best suited to your desired results and lifestyle.
While insurance companies most likely will not cover any of these procedures we are happy to submit to your insurance if your case warrants. We also offer special medical financing through Care Credit and are happy to help you apply.
I hope this answers most of your questions regarding the Mommy Makeover chatter. Please call my office at 410-202-0192 to set up a complimentary Mommy Makeover consultation if you want to discuss your specific situation in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you and any other women out there struggling with post-baby-body blues.
Dr. Rottman
Dr. Steven J Rottman, MD is a Double Board Certified, Georgetown University trained and Award Winning, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon with two office locations in the Baltimore Area.
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