Every Fashion It Girl Will Have One This Summer

If you haven’t heard of Sand Cloud here’s the skinny and a nice discount to go along with it.

Sand Cloud

As Memorial Day quickly approaches and you frantically take stock of your summer gear, let me make everything a whole lot easier. Your bathing suit from last year is fine, those colored mirrored raybans from last summer are still ok, you can still wear those Haviana flip flops. But those old terry cloth towels… They gotta go .

2016 is the summer of the towel.


If you buy one new fashion item this summer, I strongly recommend it be a Sand Cloud Towel.

Summer 2016

I’m sharing this info with you now because I am totally in love with my Sand Cloud Towels and I know everyone will be all over me this summer about where I got them. Don’t be stuck with towel envy this summer.


For those of you who know me personally, I’m certain you are sold and by this point have already clicked the above link and placed your order. You know me, and know I know style.

Sand cloud
For those of you not yet convinced, I offer you 7 more solid reasons to order your Sand Cloud Towel right now.

  1. Get yours for 25% off retail price by using coupon code EmilyLi25 at checkout. ?Shop ? now at www.sandcloudapparel.com (You can thank me later )
  2. They are big enough to share w a friend?
  3. They are absorbant but thinner than old fashion towels, drying in a fraction of the time.?
  4. They fold up into a tiny square pocket for easy and compact travel.✈️
  5. They can double as a cover up or scarf and make the perfect beach or picnic blanket.?
  6. The only thing sexier than skinny dipping is wrapping up in a Sand Cloud towel afterward.?
  7. 10% of all the proceeds go to #savethefishies a non-profit dedicated to saving marine life.??

Towel Envy sucks.? Don’t be stuck with it this summer. Trust me on this ladies! ??See you on the beach! ?

Sand Cloud

Shop Sand Cloud Towels at www. Sandcloudapparel.com and use the coupon code EmilyLi25 at checkout for 25% off your entire purchase!!!


??? Mink + Rich


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