I had an Eyelash Lift and Here’s What Happened

Eyelashes have long been equated with beauty and femininity.


Like draperies to the windows of your soul they highlight your eyes and allow you to cast shadowy glances in any direction you choose.

Setting the perfect curl to your eyelashes can be challenging even for a skilled beauty maven.


Applying the right amount of pressure at the proper part of the lash and at the right angleĀ is not easy and most of the time I skip the entire process entirely. Basically leaving my draperies drawn even when the sun is shining.

When I hear about the lash lift I can’t wait to give it a try. Waking up to curled lashes everyday is the dream and I already saw myself soccer-momming around town in a seemingly make-up free face looking effortless beautiful!

Having heard good things about The Loft Spa, I book an appointment with the owner, Natalie and head downtown to her studio.

Natalie explains the process to me before she begins explaining that I will be sitting in her chair with my eyes closed for about 40 minutes. Yes, yes I am very ok with that!

The process is painless and actually quite relaxing. She first sets the curl by applying a solution to my lashes and brushing them around a siliconeĀ mold.


I sit like this for 10 minutes while the solution dries.


Natalie then applies a lash conditioning treatment which sits on my lashes for another few minutes.


The lash tint is the final and optional step which really ices the cake. Darkening the lashes, the tint giving you the opportunity to skip both the curler and the mascara when going for a no fuss, causal look.


Following the procedure my eyes feel totally fine and look amazing. I am told the only restriction is to try to keep my lashes dry for the next 6 hours. Results should last 6 weeks.

Add another item to my beauty maintance routine.

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