Bring it on! Metabolic Conditioning

My alternating days of barre and yoga still challenge me but I am not seeing the kind of results that I really want and decide I need to mix it up a bit. Shocking your body is a must if you want to move past the dreaded plateau and Metabolic Conditioning or Met-Con, is the hottest new way to get there and see results fast. Bootcamp workouts, hitt, tabbata and WODs, all offer version of Met-Con fitness. These workouts are designed to push your body to extreme exertion through the use of both strength and cardio intervals with short breaks in between.
My first venture into the Met-Con fitness world is EA Fit Club in Timmonium, MD. The class is a lunch time express, so I figure surviving even the most grueling workout for 30 minutes is something I can do. When I walk into the gym and see the cage, I begin to wonder however, what exactly I have gotten myself into.

The sign did say Fit Club right? I think to myself, doubling back to the entrance to make sure I hadn’t misread Fight Club, which wouldn’t be unlike me to do.

Fight club

I once ate an entire package of cookies thinking the label said HEALTH cookies, only to realize afterwards that the label had in fact said HEATH cookies. I mean if that’s not some kind of marketing trick! Right? But I digress…

The sign certainly says EA Fit Club. Never being one to back away from a challenge, I hang out and wait to see what kind of torture awaits me.
I meet Eric Atherton (EA) who reassures me his fit club only shares a space with the MMA studio. His runs a bootcamp style workout at his gym that incorporates cardio elements into the strength training sets. Eric is an awesome trainer. The type of guy who makes you feel like you are old friends only moments after you meet. “Come on Em! You can do it!” he encourages. He is careful to make sure I am in proper form and takes time to work with each person one on one.

The drills Eric has us do are things I have never done before, like dead lifts, and HITT relays. He has us inside and outside, running and lifting, squatting and jumping, you don’t have a second to get bored or to check the clock. By the end of the 30 minutes I am collapsed on the floor, exhausted. I can’t wait to go back for more torture!

While I’m not ready to through in my yoga towel or toss my barre socks just yet, I certainly will be adding more Met-Con workouts to my regular fitness schedule.

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