Rainy days

More Dangerous than the Weather

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”- Vivian Green

Schools across Maryland were closed today because of supposed icy conditions. Fine, I don’t want to see anyone hurt, but the the sun is shinning now at 1 pm and my children are bored to tears. This had become litterally ridiculous.

Between Christmas break and Martin Luther King weekend, Presidents Day, #blizzard2016, additional snow days and various professional days the kids have hardly had school at all the last 3 months.

Government initiatives have been enacted of late in attempts to bridge the educational gap between American students and their foreign peers. Fearful that we are not producing enough college ready high school graduates and globally competeative young people  the Common Core  initiative has gained momentum nation wide. Common Core increases grade level benchmark requirements making course level work more challenging. This is a good thing no doubt. My issue is classroom time. How can we expect our students to learn even more if their time in the classroom is so limited. I wonder if they have snow days in Japan? In some counties they go to school 6 days a week even. While I am not proposing that, I do have a few suggestions for ensuring adequate classroom time for our nations student body. We owe it to them to provide quality education, and not just pretend to be doing so.

I propose we eliminate Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day as school Holidays or perhaps move them to more fair weathered months. We can still honor these American heroes during the school day. There is no good reason to stay home from school for these holidays. When was the last time you took you kids to a President’s Day Mattress sale?? Come on?

In addition to lost time due to school holidays these unnecessary snow days are sending a dangerous message to our nations school children. We we need to be grooming  our nations young people to be ready to face the challenging obstacles they will undoubtably face in their lifetimes, whatever the weather. By teaching them to fear the weather we are doing them a serious disservice.  I propose no more snow days unless the Govenor has declared a state of emergency. If parents choose to keep their children home from school that is their call and a family decision that will not count against the student or hurt their grade or record in any way.

Easy enough I think. Please share if you agree and together we change the world one share at a time. Thank you!

Pray for school tommorow! #pfst


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