HITT Timer

Never Miss Another Workout!

Don’t give up on New Year’s workout resolutions just because you can’t make it to the gym. These two #HITT workouts can be done anywhere and require nothing but a timer. No excuses!

45-30-15 workout
*grab a timer –

3 rounds of 8 drills with break in between each drill.

Round 1- complete drill 1 for 45 seconds, rest 45 seconds, then move on to drill 2 for 45 seconds, rest 45 seconds and so forth thru drill 8.

Round 2 -complete circut of 8 drills again this time for 30 seconds each with 30 second break in between sets.

Round 3- complete circut again- 15 second drill, 15 second rest.


1. Forward plank on elbows
2. Wall squat
3. Bicycle crunches
4. Alternating lunges
5. Walk the plank-up/downs
6. Burpees (or calf raises)
7. Push-ups
8. Jumping jacks
*stretch and hydrate!?
Conditioning/cardio (A/B) workout.
Body weight conditioning/cardio combo drills. *repeat every set 2x before moving to the next number. 1 minute rest between sets.
1. A. (Conditioning) -30 squats in place
-5 up/down (walk the plank) on each arm.
B. (Cardio) -10 burpees
-20 high knee runs each leg
2. A. -10 lunges each leg in place.
-10 push-ups
B. -10 alternating lunge jumps each leg
-50 mountain climbers.
3. A. -20 wide leg (pliƩ) squats.
-15 side lunge hip dips
B. -30 skater jumps (side to side )
-30 jumping jacks
4. A. -15 side lunges each leg.
-30 bicycle crunches
B. – 20 jump squats
-1 legged burpees (5 on each side)
* questions on any exercise?? Ask, I can post a video.
****have fun, sweat, stretch, and drink water!?

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