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The Sexiest, Most Efficent Coolest Workout-

Having heard that LA based Pop Physique was “the sexiest most efficient coolest workout,” I decide to see for myself and visit the Baltimore location Friday. After a 60 minute class taught by Oksana, I must admit that I do concur.

The moment the you walk through the doors at Pop Physique you know you’re somewhere special. Situated in the heart of a Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood, Pop Physique radiates character and charm. The pre-war style sprawling loft is dressed in high shine, authentic hardwood floors and accented with white exposed ceilings, walls of mirrors and pops of pink props. The iconic setting makes this downtown Baltimore studio feel so very L.A. It’s just so stylish, with such a cool, raw vibe. The space literally defines the word iconic.

The studio certainly holds the instructors to a high standard and the classes certainly don’t disappoint. The low impact yet killer workout is easy on your joints but intense on your muscles.

The instructors here are all seem to have strong ballet roots and are very helpful in making sure you are in proper form which is crucial for isolating the right muscles, feeling the burn and avoiding injury. My favorite part of the workout is when you are at the ballet barre. The chance to embrace your inner ballerina with stretches and isometrics that bring to life by-gone childhood fantasies.

This is a great compliment for high intensity workouts that often leave you sore and stiff and a great alternative to extreme sweat sessions. According to their website you can expect to see visible results in six weeks or less by taking classes 3-4 times per week. You can burn 500 calories per work out and increase your metabolism, which will help fuel the after burn.

If you are in the market for improved posture and flexibility, lean toned muscles, and perkier assets, Pop Sculpt, the signature class at Pop Physique, could certainly be your answer. If you already are at your target weight it is a great routine for toning and scuttling your muscles. I don’t think however Pop alone will be enough to loose any significant weight and therefore recommended combining Pop workouts with cardio if weight loss is part of your goal.

With Pop Physique you will achieve the “pop”ular physique of your dreams. Not only will you love the way you look after a few pop sessions, but you will enjoy the ride!

While there are locations popping  up from LA to New York, if you don’t happen to live near a studio or can’t make it to any of their classes the Pop workouts are available on DVD.

Till next time my friends, be well and please feel free to Meet me at the Barre! 

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