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How You Can Help Save The World- It’s A Lot Easier Than You May Think!


There are plenty of days when I feel like an #epicfailure as a mother, today however, was not one of those days #winning. Sunday morning doesn’t get better than fun family bonding, for a good cause, for FREE.  Family Social Action Day, a day to give back to the community and spend quality time with family while making new friends.  After the week we have had in this world, a few hours of art therapy was much needed, and well received. #sundayfunday.

We don’t know what to expect when we arrive at our assigned destination, Art With a Heart, but are pleasantly surprised by the morning that awaits us. The exposed brick, warehouse style loft was bright, sunny and inviting, a #hipsters dream.  We work on a huge mosaic piece to be hung, upon completion, in the main lobby of The Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). The commissioned piece is one of hundreds, if not more, hung around the city, whose proceeded go to fund art classes for underserved and underprivileged populations across Baltimore, MD. In it 16th year, Art With a Heart, boasts a schedule of 10,000 classes per year. Offering a weekly happy place for self expression and adult support for thousands of people who otherwise, could not afford such an luxury.

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Recent studies have shown that art and play, are so crucial to the development of the human psyche that those who are not privy to such primary experiences are more likely to become anti social as adults. The American Journal of Play  found that play directly connects with academic success and the reduction of stress. Some studies even go as far as to say those lacking such experiences are destined to become murderers.  Art for ISIL? Too soon???Perhaps…

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The best thing about Art With a Heart is, that not only did it provide an unplugged, community activity for me and my children to do together, it benefited them, perhaps as much, as it will benefit the populations it serves. For three hours they didn’t fight or complain, whine, or cry. No one asked for a snack or cried over spilled glue. We worked together, helped each other out, made new friends, and contributed to a permanent piece of commissioned art to be hung in our local hospital, as well as contributing to the raising of funds needed to support Art With a Heart’s 10 thousand classes per year.

Family social action day Baltimore Hebrew


It was a good day for humanity, a great day for my kids and a perfect #sundayfunday for me as well.



If you are looking for a community service project in Baltimore, Art With a Heart is a great place to get involved.

In the wake of great sadness and fear, I wish you all peace and give thanks for all the kindness and compassion that still exists in this world.

Until next Sunday my friends, be well!

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