How to: DIY Spa


One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is, what I like to call, my DIY Spa. The treatments vary depending on the season, hence today’s is fine tuned for fall. After a lovely morning of yoga I come home to my DIY spa.

DIY at home spa day

First is the hair, to keep my highlights looking their brightest and to prevent the dreaded brassiness I wash with unite blonde shampoo.
Leaving the bright purple lather on my hair for 3 minutes ensures effective toning without out going too far in the other direction, leaving you with the highly undesirable, green highlights. I follow the toning shampoo with Aveda’s DryRemedy Hair Mask ,
an intense conditioning treatment for dry damaged locks. I recommend it as a preventative measure to be used on a weekly basis.

Next comes the face. Fall is the perfect time for chemical peels, as they aid in the lightning of dark spots and discoloration left behind as memories of summers’ past, sprinkled across you face.  I wipe off any residual makeup with a cotton ball soaked in #TrishMcEvoy Skin Cleansing Water. Then using the glycolic peel of your choice, today i use the Trish McEvoy Multi-Acid Weekly Peel.       Wipe the pad around your entire face, avoiding the eye area.
After 10 minutes I apply the Trish McEvoy Vitamin C Cream, which also safely aids in fading unwanted pigment. I highly recommend the entire Trish McEvoy skin care gift set shown below. The deal being offered is pretty amaze for all that you are getting. And who doesn’t love a cute travel makeup bag?

Finally, the nails. My new favorite thing for my nails is the instant manicure by #talikaparis. It’s simple and easy and has your nails growing like crazy with in a few days of the treatment. Just dissolve one packet into warm water and soak your nails for 3 minutes. Towel dry nails and  gently shape with a nail file to finish.


I choose to leave my nails bare after the #instantmanicure as I am trying to embrace minimalism as of late, but sweeping a color of your choice over your nails following the soak is certainly doable.

A little Aveda Blue Oil
to the temples aids in stress relief and relaxation as its intoxicating smell and soothing properties ease sore muscles, relieve sinus pressure, and relax your central nervous system.

Today is a very exciting day my friends! It’s my #candlelaunch. I am very excited about this exciting new venture and will be raffling off two of my h15 pumpkin spice candles this coming Saturday, October 31st in honor of Halloween. Subscribe to my blog to be entered to win! Candles will be available to purchase on my website for $28. This is a limited edition and supplies are limited, so get your orders in soon!


Until next Sunday my Friends, be well!

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