Sunday’s Song


It’s my first official Sunday Funday! I have so much I want to do and as always, so little time.

I wake up singing!

I kiss the hubby goodbye, promise not to go to hot yoga, and practically skip out the front door with the kids in tow. After dropping them at Sunday school, I decide to keep my promise and find an alternate form of exercise.  Today, instead of heading to my favorite yoga class of all time, 90 minutes of power vinyassa at 90 degrees, that sadly leaves me either vomiting in my favorite handbag (last weekend) or at minimum with an intense dehydration headache for the remainder of the day, I will go to a Pilates class. Swearing up and down not to go back to hot yoga after what happened last time, leaves me with no choice but to wait until he is working or away on a Sunday to risk it again,  knowing the next time will surely be different. Promising myself I will pre-hydrate and post hydrate and bring a travel puke bag just in case. It was an old purse anyway….and I had insurance on my iPhone that had to be replaced after resurrecting it from the depths of the totaled handbag and dousing it with Lysol.

Obedient wife that I am, I drive practically into the next state, up the mountain-side, or from what my kids always insist is really just the “plateaus” and not technically “mountains” but, I digress.  I drive up into the hills to #OjasWellness  to the only Pilates class around for some lengthening and strengthening. The leaves are already starting to change colors and I try to enjoy the beauty of my surrounding as the road winds higher and higher around the plateaus.

image I’m not sweating after class, but hopefully I will feel some kind of pain tomorrow.image

To kill sometime before pick up I stroll the aisles of  #Wegman’s searching for more jars and canisters to add to my favorite room of the house, my pantry. My eyes see rainbows as I gaze lovingly at the plethora of baskets and mason jars, scoopers and canisters…. ahhhh my happy place. Selecting a few small jars and scoopers sized accordingly I pull myself away from the aisle begrudgingly, knowing my pantry has sadly, reached capacity.

Ooow, but I’ll grab some bath salts for a lovely detox soak when I get home, and some eyebrow stencils for an updated shape as “they” say freshly arched brows are the quickest way to a face lift. Ok.. done and done, time to drive back down the plateau into the plains (I guess) and pick up what’s their names…

The children don’t seem to realize, or is it that they don’t care that today is my “off” day. My “Sunday Fudnay,” I tell them, “I have to blog! My followers are expecting me!”  They seem to expect some sort of food around noontime. After whipping up some burgers for the kids, cleaning up the kitchen, again, I sneak away to my oasis. I draw a steaming hot bath and generously pour in my new (over-priced) bath salts, next time I will make my own.  Aahh… back to Kate Moss in Champagne Supernovas, my most recent guilty pleasure read. The iconic 90’s supermodel  has become my personal style icon of late and embracing all that is Kate Moss, (minus the crack dabbling) has become my new obsession.

Ensuring proper detoxification I stay a 10 minutes but less than 20 in my salt bath and emerge sufficiently relaxed and refreshed. Then comes the post bath lounge time as I air dry and browse the endless oasis that is Pinterest, searching for new things to obsessively organize or new heights of perfection to strive to and ultimately fall just short of perfection. I believe that, embracing and accepting second best is a surefire way to find happiness, at least when it comes to Pinterest.

Time seems to get away from me and countless pins later the five o’clock somewhere bell chimes its sweet melody. I’d like to say that prince charming is at the door with a tray of yummy snacks and drinks for us to share, but it’s his Sunday Funday too I remember. I  slip into my favorite post-work out workout wear #splits59 and head downstairs to brew some detox tea, plan dinner and cuddle up on the couch with my sleeping hubby.

Till next Sunday my friends…. Be well!

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