Finding my Sunday Funday

Sundays have historically been a sacred day in America. Taking the time to turn inward, rest and reflect, allows us to rebuild, regenerate and muster the strength to begin anew when Monday blasts its fateful alarm.

Whether it is church bells calling you to prayer, or game time whistles calling you to play, as Americans the idea of “Sunday” has long been connotated with holiness. To me, nothing is holier then thou. Thou, being me, or in your case, you. While  the rest of my family engages in spiritual enlightenment (Sunday school) and testosterone therapy (aka football), Sundays for me are the perfect and albeit likely only opportunity for guilt free indulgence in my own body, mind and soul. This blog is dedicated to my Sunday Fundays and I challenge you to find yours. Like I tell my kids when they are bored “you have to plant your own garden in this life, cause no one is knocking on the door to bring you happiness.”

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