Skincando Obsession

Literally the most amazing skincare ever. Made of all natural, cold-pressed, fresh, organic ingredients, this eco-friendly, local company is everything your millennial heart desires. Skincando’s Miracle Cream and Eye Balm are must-haves in your skincare arsenal.

Skincando miracle cream

I first discovered Skincando while waiting for “an important business meeting” (aka boutique fitness class) to begin. Stopping to chat at the metaphorical watering hole, I help myself to a generous sample of both the Skincando Miracle Cream and Eye Balm while discussing with the other fitness obsessed moms the agony that awaits us in the next room.


Like an office water cooler, the Skincando display at the Barre studio in Pikesville, has become the gathering space for pre and post tuck gossip and hydration. Like a cold coconut water after an intense sweat session, this rich salve, quenches your thirsty skin like only a coconut-based product can.

When the studio doors open our pack disperses and I quickly rush to snag my favorite spot (front right corner for optimal mirror time). I begin my usual stretches while simultaneously checking my reflection for flaws to harp on during class. Adjusting my hair, and the waistband on my Lulusmoving in a little closer to inspect what appears to be, at least from a few feet back, a radiant completion.

Staring back at me is a woman seemingly younger than my 37 years, her eyes are bright, absent of any indication of lingering sleepiness. Stepping even closer, almost kissing my reflection now, I seriously am like OMG. My skin seriously looks and feels amazing, literally like I just got a facial.

Appropriately named, Skincando’s Miracle Cream falls nothing short of the grand expectations its name implies. My skin has always been on the dry end of the spectrum with blackheads in the t- zone. Skincando works wonders on my dry skin and does not clog pores at all! No black heads, no thick sticky residue! It absorbs into your skin like a drink of water and envelopes your skin in lush botanicals and moisture. My skin is baby soft and supple. Literally my skin can’t live without Skincando.

The Eye Balm, like its counterpart, bears a well-suited name. This Eye Balm is literally, the bomb! This rich and creamy formula quenches dry skin and visibly reduces fine lines, creases, puffiness and dark circles.

Skincando eye balm


But wait, there’s more! At the heart of this company is something we at Mink + Rich feel very strongly about, kindness and philanthropy. Established by Skincando founder, Sara Damelio, Operation Sand Flea, a non-profit arm of the brand, was created after a soldier requested more of the “miracle balm” that soothed his dry, itchy, wind and sunburned skin. This ‘miracle balm’ soon became part of Damelio’s Combat- Ready line and through her own donations and the contributions of others Operation Sand Flea is able to send Combat-Ready care packages to U.S. service men and woman stationed overseas. Through her philanthropic efforts and the generous donations of others, Damelio has created a way to give back that helps ease the suffering of the brave men and women who risk their lives everyday for our freedom. I can’t think of a better company to proudly stand behind.

I literally can’t say enough about Skincando and can’t wait to try the other products and tell you all about them. The Combat-Ready line, Kids line, Vegan and Lux lines, leave much more to be explored!

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