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Raising the Beauty Barre: How to Get Fit, Fashionable and Fabulous

Bachelorette at the Barre

Unless you have been living under a yoga mat, you know that Barre is currently one of the trendiest workouts across the country and boasts a following of only the prettiest woman around. You won’t find an ugly face or a bad body in class. I suppose this speaks to the type of person who is interested in this kind of workout, but also attests to the fact that Barre workouts give you a kick ass figure and quite possibly make you prettier.

As a Bar is only as good as the Bar Tender, the space, the clientele and the drink menu, Barre studios are no different. Quality instructors, well maintained studios, good music and high style make all the difference.

You can find Barre classes both at gyms and in boutique studios. Let me just say however, that you haven’t really done Barre until you go to Baltimore’s Barre studio at Quarry Lake in Pikesville. This boutique studio is the most welcoming, friendly and luxurious boutique studio I have seen yet. They offer not only the traditional basic Barre class, but additionally offer a 4 other classes including; Power Barre, Mega Barre, Yoga Barre, and their newest addition, Stretch Barre.

Where else can you workout out, discover amazing lounge/workout wear and beauty products and even host a party if you so desire! Does you favorite Barre studio offer all that???

So many classes to choose from:
 Barre- expect hard core shaking and intense muscle burn during this grueling but awesome class. Choreographed perfectly, the instructors are masters at encouraging you to keep at it while also ensuring your are in proper form to avoid injury.
Power Barre– cardio intervals in-between traditional barre sets takes the basic barre class up a few notches and increases the burn dramatically.
Mega Barre– barre on machines. Think Fifty Shades of Grey; guided workout on your own bench with lots of straps and stirrups. It’s challenging and fun, offers a change from the traditional barre sets but works the same muscles.
Yoga Barre– the one class I have yet to try! But I am dying too! I will post about this class after I attend! Have you done Yoga Barre? What did you think? Please share in the comments!
Stretch Barre– the lights are kept low for the entire 75 minutes and aromatherapy is infused thought the room creating a relaxing, spa like atmosphere. The class begins like a yoga class with a meditative few minutes and then moves in to intensive arms, abs, thigh and seat sets. Extended stretching intervals are added in between the barre sets and the class ends again like it began, but this time in savassna. It is a perfect blend of intense strength work, stretching and relaxing. My new favorite class at the studio for sure.

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Spiritual Gangster – my new favorite clothing brand. Comfy, casual and sexy with mind, body designs and sayings printed on the most luxurious cotton ever. (Hint, hint Valentine’s Day)

Splits Fifty Nine- can’t say enough about their miricale pants. The price tag is a little high but honestly can you out a price on longer, leaner legs? Look taller and skinnier instantly and keep them on from breakfast to Barre to Bar to bed.
Toe Sox– best barre socks ever and hard to find!

Miracle Beauty Products
Skincando – amazing miracle cream that has cured my impossibly dry hands.

My sisters and friends organized my bachelorette at Barre. Was such a fun way to start our day- endorphins and accomplishment feel so much better than a hang-over ;).

Bachelorette at the Barre

Nan, one of Barre’s amazing instructors taught the class and made sure we felt the love (burn) that day! She brought me this giant balloon too- it’s was so sweet!

Barre party
So the next time you are wondering where you should go for a quick beauty boost, I encourage you to go to Barre. A 60 minute class will have your feeling accomplished and strong, after which and you can reward yourself with something fabulous from their fashion boutique.

Meet me at the barre!

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